What is ESN Sea Battle?

The ESN Sea Battle is an international event that takes place on a cruise over the Baltic sea twice a year. The ESN Sea Battle is organized by ESN Sweden in collaboration with Tallink Silja Line. In history, the cruise has been taking off from Stockholm (Sweden) and travelled to different end destinations such as Tallin (Estonia), Riga (Latvia) or Gdansk/Gdynia (Poland). Nowadays, the Fall edition will run between Stockholm and Tallinn and the Spring edition will run between Stockholm and Riga.

Who is it for?

From being a national event in Sweden, Sea Battle has grown to become an international event with four participating countries (ESN Sweden, ESN Denmark, ESN Norway and ESN Lithuania). 

The ESN Sea Battle usually takes place in November and April, and with over 1800 participants, the ESN Sea Battle is one of the biggest event for students in Northern Europe.

What do we offer?

Apart from the opportunity to discover a new city in Europe, the participants are also offered a range of activities on the ship; karaoke, speed dating, treasure hunts, latin dance lessons, music quizzes, theme parties, live musical shows. All activities are of course included in the price.

On the ship, ESN:ers also have access to other services;  dance floors, bars, restaurants, shops etc. Do you want to know more about the ferry?  Visit http://www.tallink.com/.

Most of the activities onboard are arranged by the Sea Battle Organizing Committee (OC), which is part of ESN Sweden, and every year we come up with new activities to make Sea Battle an experience worth remembering!

If you want to know more Sea Battle, or have more information about this years theme parties and activities, check out the after movie of the Fall 2016 edition!