Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I book?

You can easily book on You need to enter a booking code that will be provided by your local ESN section. Otherwise you can also book through open sales with a different booking code.


What is my booking id?

Your booking id are the 4 digits of the booking code together with at least two other digits. Example: 9567-123.


How do I get my ticket?

You will receive your physical ticket, that also functions as your boarding card and key card for the cabin, at the harbour, from the Group Leaders of your ESN section. If you booked through the open sales, you wil get your ticket from the Organisers in the pink t-shirts, at the harbour.

Together with the ticket you will also receive your food coupon for the buffet. Don’t lose it, as we don’t have any extra ones!!! Please respect the times given on the food coupon.


When is the departure and arrival?

The times are Swedish times, that means CEST. Tallinn and Riga are one hour ahead.


Sunday, 15th April: Riga - Stockholm (for ESN Lithuania and other departing from Riga)
Departure from Riga: 16:30 (SWEDISH TIME!)
Arrival in Stockholm: 10:30

Monday, 16th April: Stockholm - Riga (for ESN Sweden, ESN Norway, ESN Denmark and other that booked the departure from Stockholm)
Departure from Stockholm: 17:00
Arrival in Riga: 10:00 (SWEDISH TIME!)

Tuesday, 17th April: Riga - Stockholm
Departure from Riga: 16:30 (SWEDISH TIME!)
Arrival in Stockholm: 10:30



Where are the harbours? When should I arrive at the harbour?

In Stockholm:

Tallink Silja Line Terminalen
Södra Hamnvägen 46
115 74 Stockhol

In Riga:

Riga Passenger Port 3a
Eksporta Str L
V-1010 Riga

Boarding starts already at 15:15 for Stockholm and 15:00 (Swedish time) for Tallinn. It is good to arrive around that time, and latest 16:30 for both cities.


I want to share a cabin with my friends!

You can submit a cabin preference on using your booking id. You also have to enter the booking ids of the friends you want to stay with.

Please note that in many cases it is not possible to share the cabin with someone of a different booking code! We will try our best to meet all your wishes, but we cannot guarantee anything!


I cannot go to Sea Battle anymore. How do I get a refund?

It is stated in our terms and conditions that we cannot give refunds, however, you can sell your ticket to someone else and do a name change on
Please note that ESN Sweden does not take any responsibility for scammers!

There is a deadline for submitting name changes on the website. In case you would notice that you cannot go anymore after that deadline, you can send an email to [email protected] by April 5 with the following details of you: booking id, and the following details of the new passenger: full name (as it is written in the passport), gender, date of birth and email address. After this date, last minute name changes that couldn’t be handled via email can still be done at the harbour on the departure day. 


Other important information: 

You're not going to be on board alone. Please respect the following rules:

1.  Alcohol on board 
Alcohol bought on board or brought from land that is consumed in public spaces will be confiscated. Drinks bought at the barrs on board can be brought everywhere. 

2.  Parties in the cabins and loudspeakers. 
Loudspeakers are only allowed in the cabins. 

3.  Keep the sound level reasonable.
Decrease the sound level if the guards, group leaders or your neighbours ask you to so. 

4.  Silence from 06.00 to 10.00.
In the cabin compartments it should be silent from 06.00 to 10.00 to allow passengers to rest. If you want to party, go to the bar/disco. On the Sunday and Tuesday of Sea Battle stricter times might apply. Cabin parties are fun, but don’t bring your own music system on board; it is prohibited. According to safety regulations it's not allowed to have your own, large sound systems in the cabins, the corridors or other areas on-board. It is a security risk and can be downright dangerous in the event of evacuation. If brought on-board or to the harbor, larger music system equipment will therefore be confiscated.

5.  Lights and sprinklers 
Lights and sprinklers are necessary safety equipment. It is forbidden to cover, dismantle or in any other way to make these out of order.  

6.  Be careful with the sprinklers 
The sprinklers are sensitive to shocks, if they go off it will result in a very expensive work to restore the cabin.  

7.  Smoking is only allowed in marked areas.
Smoking is not allowed in the cabins or on the dance floor. If you smoke in non-marked areas you will be fined. If you smoke in your cabin, 
you will be fined per bed and/or per person in cabin due to restoring the cabins (usually 200€).

8.  Clean your cabin before arrival at your destination.

9.  All passengers in one cabin share the responsibility for the cabin.
If your cabin is damaged all passengers in it share responsibility and will share the cost for repairs and cleaning. 

10.  Don't damage anything on board.
All damage will result in liability and will be reported to the police. 

11.  In severe cases 
In severe cases of misbehaviour, passengers may be put ashore in the nearest harbor and surrendered to the police. The passengers then have to arrange the return trip themselves. 

12.  Do not bring food and alcohol on board. 
Please do not bring food and alcohol on board. It may be confiscated. 


Passport/ID and VISA

All passengers MUST have a valid passports or National ID-cards from an EU country to board the ferry! ESN though recommends to check with your embassy in case you're unsure about the validity of your ID or passport.

Please note that neither ESN nor Tallink Silja is responsible for passengers' documentation and will hence not refund your ticket in case of passport and/or visa troubles. It is your responsibility to have the proper visas and documentation to participate in the trip!


The crew of the ferry can ask you to show your boarding card together with your passport/ID at any time. It is very important that the names on the baording card and on the passport/ID are the same, otherwise you won't be granted access to the boat! If you really have to exchange boarding cards with someone because you want to share the cabin with someone else, and you haven't done a name change, make sure to switch the boarding cards back if you want to get off in either Tallinn or Stockholm!


The activity programme is still in the making and will published shortly! For more information, follow our Facebook page and Instagram and join the official Facebook event! If you have a question about something and the information is not provided here, or you have trouble with your booking, cannot find your confirmation email etc, send us an email: [email protected].