How to get to the city centre from the harbour and back? 

The ferry will arrive to the Värtahamn harbour in Stockholm. Close to the harbour there is a metro station called "Gärdet" (5 to 7 minutes walk), that will take you to the city centre in 10 minutes. The stop is called "T-Centralen". It is possible to walk downtown, but it is a long walk... You can buy tickets at the metro station, the student price for a single ticket is 36SEK. The ticket is valid for 75 minutes and includes one transfer.

To go back to the harbour, take the red line towards “Ropsten” and get off at the station “Gärdet”. 

What to see, do, eat, shop? 

You will have some hours in Stockholm, so go and explore the "Venice of the North"! 

Here are some useful general websites and links: 

Where to shop? 

Shopping streets – Drottninggatan, Götgatan. 

Swedish designs: 

  • - all known H&M chain 
  • - luxury shopping 
  • - Sweden’s largest department store, with competitive prices for clothing, design, media, beauty and much more. 

Where and what to eat? 

Since you anyway are in Sweden, why not try some local food? 

Here are some ideas: Meatballs (köttbullar), Hash (pyttipanna), Pea soup (ärtsoppa), Pickled herring (sill), Blodpudding, Gravlax, Falukorv and, of course, Smörgåstårta! Sweden is anyway a very multicultural country so why not go wild and try some of the new national dishes: kebab pizza or stor falafelrulle! 

“Funny” fact: Beverages that are stronger than 3.5% can only be bought in “Systembolaget” stores. 


Survival Swedish 

Even if basically everybody in Sweden speak fluent English, why not trying to put some of these words/sentences in your conversations while in Stockholm? 

Hej! Hi!
Tack så mycket!   Thank you very much!  
Ursäkta Excuse me
Förlåt Sorry
Var är tunnelbanan?   Where's the subway?
Vad heter du? What's your name?
Var är du ifrån? Where are you from?
Jag förstår inte I don't understand
Talar du engelska?  Do you speak English?
Jag pratar bara svenska   I only speak Swedish
En Big Mac tack! A Big Mac please!
Hur mycket kostar en vattenflaska?     How much does a bottle of water cost?    
Hjälp, jag är vilse! Help, I'm lost!
Skål! Cheers!
Kan jag få en öl?  Could I get a beer?
Kommer du med? Will you join me?
En kyss utomlands räknas inte A kiss abroad doesn't count
Jag älskar dej I love you
ESN Sea Battle är bäst!  The ESN Sea Battle is the best!
Nästa betalar The next one will pay for me

And some more funny Swedish words: 

For more information, download this document.



112 is the joint emergency phone number for all relevant authorities in Sweden: Police, ambulance, fire fighters, etc. The number doesn't require an area code and works on any mobile phone, with or without a SIM card, even if the keys are locked.