How to get to the city center from the harbour and back 

The ESN Sea Battle ferry will arrive to the D-Terminal of the Tallinn Harbour. Walking to Tallinn’s downtown and Old Town area takes only 15 minutes. You can anyway also take the bus nr. 2 which goes to the City Centre. The bus station is just outside the terminal building. You should exit at the station called "A.Laikmaa". All buses are equipped with digital and voice announcements. The price of tickets is approximately 1 EUR. Tickets can be bought from the bus driver, although they consider it a hassle, so try to get one from an R-Kiosk if you see one.

What to see, do, eat, shop? 

During the ESN Sea Battle you will have a few hours to explore Tallinn! Here are some tips on what to do to get the full Estonian experience:

Where and what to eat? 

Hungry after all the walking? We got you covered!  

Where to shop? 


Survival Estonian 

You probably won’t need it much, since most people speak passable English, even though the accent can be interesting at times! 

Hi! Tere!
Yes Jah
No Ei
Thank you Aitäh!
Excuse me Vabandust
Cheers Terviseks!
I didn't see you Ei näinud sind
A bus ticket, please       Bussipilet, palun   
Estonia is the best! Eesti on parim!
Where's the toilet? Kus on tualett?
Don't touch me! Ära napi mind!
I don't understand Ma ei saa aru
Nice to meet you! Tore kohtuda



112 is the joint emergency phone number for all relevant authorities in Estonia: Police, ambulance, fire fighters, etc. The number doesn't require an area code and works on any mobile phone, with or without a SIM card, even if the keys are locked.