ESN Sweden interacts with thousands of mobile, educated, and highly motivated students from all around Europe and the world. We can offer your company or organisation access to this unique customer base, branding and visibility. ESN Sweden offers flexible partnership agreements that will fit with your company or organization’s aims, culture and practices. 

Reasons to be a partners of the ESN Sea Battle:

  • One of the biggest student events in Northern Europe
  • Gathers annually over 4000 international students
  • Gathers the participants for 3 days in one place
  • Visibility for partners on websites, social media, printed material
  • Possibility to organize activities and event-specific campaigns on-board
  • Possibility to interact with the participants on-board
  • ESN Sweden is a growing organization with connections to all major universities in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

What do we look for in a partner? 

ESN Sweden is looking for long-term partners that are international in their outlook, scope and operations. We would like to cooperate with companies and organisations that see value in having international, multicultural and multilingual customers and individuals working together, much like ESN. We look for partners that are interested in interacting and promoting their products and activities for a mobile, active and fresh customer base that searches for new experiences and possibilities.

Successful partnerships 

ESN Sweden has in the last years increased the amount of major partners and intensified the cooperation with them. 

ESN Sweden has for several years provided Tele2 with an international customer base for their Comviq pre-paid SIM cards. 
Since 2005 ESN Sweden has has a very successful cooperation with Tallink Silja regarding the arrangement of the ESN Sea Battle. 
Since 2011 ESN Sweden cooperates with EF Education First and promotes language courses for local and international students in Sweden.
Since 2012 ESN Sweden cooperates with Timetravels, travel agency, regarding trips to Russia and Lapland.
Since 2013 ESN Sweden cooperates with Pernod Ricard regarding the Responsible Party project.
We're looking forward to also adding your company or organization to the list of our most successful partnerships!

How to contact us?

If your company or organization is interested in becoming an official partner of the ESN Sea Battle and ESN Sweden, please contact our Partnerhips Manager on [email protected].">