What we stand for

ESN Sea Battle is a unique event that highly focuses on integrating European Values into the overall program.

We stand for equality and freedom and strongly believe in enrichment of society through international students.

In the upcoming edition named “Into the Nine Realms”, our main focus is on the value of unity in diversity, diversity in unity.

Through our program we want to highlight the importance of internalisation in modern society by bringing together a diverse community and showing their strength, their minds, their power, their creativity and ability to collaborate and co-create.

We want to prove that when we are TOGETHER, nothing is impossible.

young girl and young guy showing a peace sign with their fingers
group of young people embracing each other on the deck of a cruise ship
young people sightseeing in riga

Our Values

Social inclusion



Peace and Cultural Exchange


In ESN Sea Battle, we see Inclusion as a universal human right and therefore always do our best to give all our participants equal access and opportunities by creating an environment where everyone can belong.

The facilities on ESN Sea Battle are designed in a way to make them easily accessible for everyone, including people with disabilities and injuries, and our program team will ensure that everyone can participate in the activities on board.

For many years ESN Sea Battle has been implementing various projects to assure a fun and safe environment for all participants.

Our event is designed in a way to teach people about living and benefiting from the cultural wealth of the Nordics, Europe and the world in general.

Even though cruises are not the most sustainable type of transportation, we at ESN Sea Battle are doing our best to compensate for this by inviting and implementing various sustainable projects on board.

Collaborate with us

If you want to support our causes by collaborating with us, please send an email to: partnership@seabattle.se