Welcome to Tallinn, where medieval enchantment meets modern vibrancy. This captivating Estonian capital is a perfect one-day destination, rich in culture and history, and with most highlights within walking distance from the cruise terminal.

Stroll through the charming Old Town, a UNESCO gem where cobblestone streets wind around medieval merchant houses. Visit Toompea Hill for city views and the elegant Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Venture to the artsy Kalamaja district, a hub of creativity with colorful houses and trendy cafes. Immerse yourself in modern culture at the Tallinn Creative Hub.

For a maritime twist, explore the unique Seaplane Harbour Maritime Museum, housed in a historic seaplane hangar. Take a short bus ride to the Estonian Open Air Museum to experience rural heritage.

Wrap up your day by exploring sections of Tallinn’s city walls, remnants of medieval fortifications offering both history and panoramic views.

In the seven hours you will have in the city, Tallinn will offer a blend of eras and experiences, all within easy reach of the cruise.

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