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Can I join ESN Sea Battle, if I am not an Erasmus/exchange/international student?

Absolutely! We welcome anyone above the age of 18 to Sea Battle, regardless if you’re a student or not!

When does ESN Sea Battle take place?

Sea Battle happens once every semester, usually around November and April. Normally, details and exact dates are announced and bookings are opened at the start of the semester (August and January). Keep an eye out on our website!

Do I need to bring an ID with me?

As the cruise travels internationally between Sweden and Estonia, it is required to keep a National ID card (issued in EEA) or Passport (along with relevant residence permit etc, if applicable) with you during the whole trip. It’s not possible to travel using a driver’s license, or other forms of local IDs!

We need your ID details at the time of booking as well. If you get a new ID between booking and the cruise, please email us so we can update your booking.

Is the event accessible?

ESN Sea Battle is accessible for anyone. Please contact us before booking if you have special needs.

The harbor Värtaterminalen, as well as the entire ship, has step-free access. We have accommodation onboard adapted for accessibility and severe allergies.

Can I bring my own food and drinks onboard?

It is not allowed to bring food and alcoholic drinks onboard the ship. As this is against the policy of the cruise ship company, such items may be confiscated during boarding. However, you will find a wide offering onboard, suitable to most diets and budgets. A dinner buffet is included with your ticket on day 1.

If you have medical needs, please contact us.

How much luggage can I bring, and what can I pack?

We do not have strict restrictions on the amount of luggage you can bring, however you must be able to carry it yourself over moderately long distances (the ship is over 200 meters long, and so is the boarding bridge. Luggage carts are not available. Additionally, storage space inside the cabins is limited, especially if you book a 4-person cabin, so don’t bring more luggage than you need.

In general, you may not bring any items that can cause danger or inconvenience to other passengers, the ship or other cargo. This includes for example large speaker systems, kettles and other equipment to prepare food and weapons. There are customs checks in Tallinn and upon re-entry to Sweden.

You may not bring food and alcoholic beverages onboard. ESN Sea Battle has a zero drug policy, any violations of this are reported to the police.

Booking and payment
When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets for the autumn edition are released around end of August, and for the spring edition in January. We will update the website with dates, pricing and more specific information as the ticket release approaches!

Can I buy tickets for my friends as well?

Absolutely, you can purchase tickets for up to 4 people in one order (depending on cabin type – max 1 entire cabin per order). You will need to provide some personal information (such as their name, birthdate and ID details) for all persons you are booking for, so please have that ready.

If you are a bigger group, please divide up your group based on who should be in which cabin, and make a separate booking for every cabin. We can unfortunately not guarantee your cabins will be located close to eachother.

The payment failed, how can I fix that?

Make sure you have activated online payments and international payments with your card provider. If the issue persists, please contact us.

My order status is “Pending”, what does that mean?

Your order has not yet been paid in full. This is usually due a failed payment. Please go to your order page (find the link in the “Order placed” email), and attempt the payment again. If the issue persists, please contact us.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all common credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX etc).

Can I buy a ticket at a physical location?

To avoid unnecessary cost and keep the organisation managable for a student-organised event, we exclusively sell tickets online, here on our website.

I did not get a confirmation email, what now?

Please double check that the email is not in your spam folder. If you still can’t find it, you might have typed your email address incorrectly. Please contact us, and we can update the email address of your order.

I forgot to book my ticket with the discount, is it possible to still get the discount afterwards?

The ESNcard discount must be applied when you place the order. We can’t add it retroactively.

I am not 18 years old yet but will be right before the event, is it possible for me to buy the tickets now?

Of course, you just have to be 18 years old at the time of the event.

My identity document (ID) will expire before the cruise, but I’m going to get a new one before the cruise starts. Can I still book a ticket now?

Yes, just remember to keep in mind delivery times of your ID, as a valid ID is required for travel. Please inform us of your new ID details as soon as you receive your new ID.

How can I get the ESNcard discount?

It’s easy – just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Buy your ESNcard from your local ESN section – Find your nearest one here*
  2. Register your ESNcard on ESNcard.org
  3. Book your discounted Sea Battle ticket by entering your ESNcard number during checkout

It may take up to 4 hours after registering your ESNcard until it’s valid in our system.

*Please note, ESNcard eligibility requirements applies. All international students or interns are eligible. Local students can get an ESNcard if they are an active or alumni volunteer for ESN, or if they are actively part of a buddy program for international students.

Where can I find my ESNcard number?

The ESNcard number is printed on the front side of your physical ESNcard. Make sure to type it correctly, both when registering your card and when booking your Sea Battle ticket.

Why can’t I use my ESNcard to book tickets for all my friends?

We offer a discounted price for ESNcard holders since they are supporting the Erasmus Student Network through their membership. This membership is personal, and therefore the discount can only be applied to one ticket.

I’m getting an error related to my ESNcard during checkout. What am I doing wrong?

First, check the error message for details. You might not have completed the registration process on esncard.org. If you have trouble logging in on this site, check your emails (and spam folder), often it is due to you not having verified your email address.

It may also take up to 4 hours until the registration of your ESNcard shows up in our systems. If the issue persists after this, please contact us.

Do I need to have the ESNcard to be able to participate in the event?

Of course not – We are all for social inclusion, and thus our event is open for everyone. ESNcard holders can buy cruise tickets and pre-event tickets at a discount, but apart from that, non-ESNcard holders can also enjoy the very same once-in-a-lifetime experience that ESN Sea Battle is!

Cabins and cabin assignment
What cabin types are available?

We offer the following cabin types:

  • Warrior Cabin [4-person] – Inside cabin for 4 persons (no window)
  • Warrior Cabin [3-person] – Inside cabin for 3 persons (no window)
  • Warrior Cabin [2-person] – Inside cabin for 2 persons* (no window)
  • Jarl Cabin [4-person] – Sea view cabin for 4 persons
  • Jarl Cabin [3-person] – Sea view cabin for 3 persons
  • Jarl Cabin [2-person] – Sea view cabin for 2 persons*
  • Konungr Cabin [2-person] – Sea view cabin with double bed for 2 persons*, **

You can read more about our cabin types here.

*Cabins marked with * can also be booked with single occupancy (private cabin for 1 person). In the booking system, choose an option labeled [1-person].

**We don’t offer shared Konungr cabins. You can book an entire cabin for yourself, or book 2 tickets in the same order if you are two people sharing a cabin.

We are a group of 4 who would like to stay together. How can we do that?

All of you need to book tickets of either Warrior Cabin [4-person] or Jarl Cabin [4-person] ticket type (all must be the same type, though).

If you book all your tickets in one order, we will automatically assign you in the same cabin.

If you book your tickets in several different orders, use the Cabin Assignment form to let us know that we should assign you together. You will find a link to the form in your confirmation email. Make sure to read through the instructions before filling out the form.

If you have questions, we are here to help. Please email us.

We are a group of 3 who would like to stay together. How can we do that?

The principle is the same as for groups of 4 people (read this answer). However, you all must choose [3-person] ticket types if you don’t want a 4th participant sharing your cabin.

If you have questions, we are here to help. Please email us.

We are a group of 2 who would like to stay together. How can we do that?

The principle is the same as for groups of 4 people (read this answer). However, you both must choose [2-person] ticket types if you don’t want other participants sharing your cabin.

If you have questions, we are here to help. Please email us.

If I book a [1-person] cabin ticket, can I bring a friend since my cabin has 2 beds?

No, everyone needs a boarding pass in order to board the ship, and therefore everyone needs to have booked a ticket.

We can help you add a ticket for the second person to your booking. Please email us.

I’d like to join as a solo traveler, and I don’t mind sharing a cabin to save cost. Who will I share my cabin with?

Great! We’ve put extra effort into enabling solo travelers to join Sea Battle in an affordable way. Therefore, any of our Warrior and Jarl cabin types can be booked as shared cabins.

We will assign you in a cabin of your chosen cabin type, which will be shared with other participants according to your gender preferences.

If you select the option for Mixed-gender cabin, we might assign you together with participants of any gender.

If you don’t tick this checkbox when booking your ticket, we will make sure that only same-gender participants stay with you in your cabin.

If you have questions, we are here to help. Please email us.

I booked some time ago, now my friend wants to join as well. Can we stay together in the same cabin?

Absolutely! Provided that your cabin isn’t already full, this is definitely possible.

If there’s leftover spots in your current cabin, just use the Cabin Assignment form once your friend has booked a ticket of the same cabin type. You will find a link to the form in your confirmation email. Make sure to read through the instructions before filling out the form. If you (or someone in your cabin) already filled out the form before, don’t worry – we’ll assign you based on the most recent form entry containing your names.

If your current cabin type (2- or 3-person cabin) is full, we can help you change to a cabin with more beds, provided there is availability. Please contact us and describe your request.

If your group is now more than 4 persons, you have to divide up into several cabins.

If you have questions, we are here to help. Please email us.

We’re a larger group and are staying in multiple cabins. Can you put our cabins next to eachother?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

I’d like to switch to a different cabin type, is that possible?

Yes, you can change to any cabin type, provided it is still available for sale.

If you change to a cabin type with a higher ticket price, you have to pay the difference in ticket price.

If you change to a cabin type with the same or lower ticket price, you don’t have to pay anything, however any potential price difference is not refundable.

The same policy applies when changing from a 3-person cabin to a 4-person cabin of the same cabin type, for example.

Request your cabin type change by sending us an email. If several people in your group needs to do changes, keep in mind that you can only request changes that apply for tickets in your own order. For changes to tickets in other orders (i.e., with different order code), we need the request to come from a ticket holder of that order.

When does the Pre-Event start?

The check-in and activities start from 13:00. As the first activity, the Scavenger Hunt, is done in smaller groups, you do not need to arrive punctually. However, please arrive by 15:00 if you want to participate in the scavenger hunt.

The hostel has a 24/7 reception, so regardless when you arrive, you will be able to check-in to the hostel.

Where does the Pre-Event take place?

The pre-event activities are based out of Generator Hostel, where you also have included accommodation for the night.

The address is:

Generator Stockholm
Torsgatan 10
111 23 Stockholm

Google Maps link

What type of accommodation is included in the Pre-Event

We stay at Generator, which is a modern hostel close to the city center.

You will have accommodation in a 4-berth or 6-berth room, all rooms have WC/shower. To the best of our ability, we try to assign you together with the cabin mates you will have on the cruise. Of course, we will also respect your gender preferences.

Bedsheets and towels are included, however you need to make your bed yourself. The morning after, a breakfast is also included.

When is the checkout time?

The checkout time at Generator is 10:00.

Is it possible to store luggage at the hostel before/after the stay?

Yes, lockers are available in the hostel for a fee.

If you arrive around 13:00 – 14:00 on the day of the Pre-Event, your room might not be ready yet for check-in. In this case, we will have a luggage room where you can store your luggage for free.

Changes and cancellation
What is your refund policy?

We can refund your ticket up to 14 days before the departure date. Contact us at support@seabattle.se if you’d like to cancel your ticket.

A cancellation fee applies according to when you request a cancellation:

  • > 60 days before departure: 10% of your ticket
  • > 30 days before departure: 25% of your ticket
  • > 14 days before departure: 40% of your ticket
  • <=14 days before departure: No refund

These terms also apply when cancelling individual booked add-ons.

Note that you can also transfer your ticket to someone else, and avoid the cancellation fee. Read more here.

Can I transfer/name change my ticket to someone else if I decide not to go?

Yes! You can transfer your ticket up until departure day. A ticket transfer fee may apply according to when you request the ticket transfer:

  • > 14 days before departure: Free
  • > 7 days before departure: 200 SEK
  • <= 7 days before departure: 400 SEK

Name changes done more than 14 days before departure can be done online. Go to your order page (linked in your confirmation email), and click “Change details”. Update all passenger details to that of the new person, and save the changes. The new ticket will be generated and sent out via email.

Late ticket transfers/name changes (<= 14 days before departure) can be requested by contacting us. Please note that we cannot change the cabin preferences in case of a late ticket transfer.

What kind of activities can I expect during Sea Battle?

Expect city sightseeing, karaoke, live DJs, treasure hunts, yoga, dance classes and much more! The schedule for each cruise is included in our Survival Guide, which is sent to all registered participants 1-2 weeks before the cruise.

Read more about our activities here.

Is this mainly a party cruise?

Sea Battle targets international students, and is generally more lively than other baltic sea cruises. While we do have our popular theme parties at night, Sea Battle has much more to offer.

Our program also includes various games, sightseeing tours in Stockholm and Tallinn, challenges and social events throughout the event. Furthermore, you will find entertainment, food and shopping, and a sauna/spa onboard the ship. Our aim is to make Sea Battle a fun environment for everyone.

What activities are included in the Pre-Event?

The Pre-Event in Stockholm includes a scavenger hunt that will take you to popular sights around central Stockholm, a viking-themed pub crawl led by one of our Group Leaders, as well as an afterparty (entrance included) at a club location in the city.

Facilities onboard
Do I need to bring my own towels, bedsheets and toiletries?

Towels and bedsheets are included with all ticket types. Basic toiletries (soap, etc.) are also provided.

Is it possible to drink the water onboard?

Yes! The ship has a high quality fresh water supply, and you can drink the water from any of the taps. We’ll additionally be serving free water outside the main venues during the evening activities, as part of the Drink More Water project.

Is there Wi-Fi onboard?

Yes, free Wi-Fi is available in public areas on board the cruise ship (decks 6, 7 and 10). There is internet coverage for most, but not all, of the cruise.

How can I pay for things onboard? And in which currency?

In stores and restaurants on the cruise ship, you can pay with credit/debit card or by cash (EUR only). Note that in bars, cash is not accepted – cards only.

All prices onboard the cruise ship are in EUR.

Is there an outdoor area?

Yes, there are outdoor areas along the ship on deck 6 and 10. Note that these may be closed off in case of rough weather.

Is there a sauna or spa?

Yes, the ship has a relax area located on deck 2, with shared and private saunas and 2 pools. Entrance tickets are €12 / 1.5 hours / 1 person for the shared areas, or €80 / 1.5 hours / 6 persons for a private sauna.

What precautions are taken to keep everyone safe onboard?

For the organisers of ESN Sea Battle and all of our volunteers, safety is top of mind. We actively work for a safe environment through our Safe Battle initiative, by which we will have trained volunteers around the ship throughout the evening programme, in addition to security and medical personell from Tallink Silja (our cruise operator).

We are also partnering with Drink More Water to promote a healthy lifestyle and to raise awareness of the risks of binge drinking and the misuse of alcohol. You will find volunteers handing out water and other goodies outside our main venues throughout the night.

Reach out to any of us volunteers or a member of staff if you have any concerns!

Check-in, departure and arrival
When should I arrive in Stockholm?

The cruise check-in at Värtaterminalen starts at 13:00. We ask you to plan your travels accordingly, as we need to check everyone in by 15:00. You will receive further instructions about check-in in our Survival Guide.

For details about the Pre-Event, please check this FAQ section.

I am coming from another country or city, is there any transportation available?

Some local ESN sections provide group transportation to and from ESN Sea Battle. Please contact them for details.

If you arrange your own travels, we provide a travel guide, helping you find the best way of traveling to Stockholm.

Where is the harbour/check-in in Stockholm? How do I get there from the city?

The address of the harbour is:

Hamnvägen 10
115 74 Stockholm

Google Maps link

The terminal is in walking distance from metro station Gärdet on Red line 13 Ropsten . From the metro station, the path to the terminal is signposted. 

The journey (including walking) takes around 20 minutes from the metro station T-centralen, with departures every 10 minutes.

If you attended the Pre-Event at Generator Hostel and leave from there, first walk to the metro station T-centralen. The entire journey takes around 35 minutes.

Where is the harbour in Tallinn? How do I get to/from the city?

The address of the harbour is:

Lootsi 13
10151 Tallinn

Google Maps link

The terminal is within walking distance from Tallinn’s city center. You can also use bus lines 20 and 20A to get to/from the city center, these depart right outside the terminal.

When does the cruise ship depart from Stockholm? (Day 1)

We board the ship at 16:00 (Swedish time), and depart shortly thereafter.

When does the cruise ship arrive to Tallinn? (Day 2)

The ship arrives to Tallinn at 9:45 (Swedish time) / 10:45 Estonian time.

When does the cruise ship depart from Tallinn? (Day 2)

The boarding in Tallinn closes at 16:00 (Swedish time) / 17:00 (Estonian time), and we depart shortly thereafter. Ensure that you have boarded by this time, with margin! The ship will not wait for you if you are late, and ESN Sea Battle is not responsible for arranging your return travel if you miss the boarding.

When does the cruise ship arrive to Stockholm? (Day 3)

The ship arrives to Stockholm at 10:30 (Swedish time).

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