Rules Onboard

These rules exist for all passengers’ comfort.

  1. Alcohol on board
    Alcohol bought on board and consumed or carried in public spaces will be confiscated. Try out the wide selection of discounted beverages in the bars.
  2. Loudspeakers
    Loudspeakers may only be used inside cabins and the audio volume must be kept reasonable. If Sea Battle volunteers, staff or other passengers on board ask you to lower the volume, please do so. For everyone’s safety, it is not allowed to bring larger sound systems onboard. It is a security risk and can be downright dangerous in the event of evacuation. If brought on-board or to the harbour, larger music system equipment will hence be confiscated.
  3. Silence from 06.00 to 10.00 a.m.
    In the cabin compartments it should be silent from 06.00 to 10.00 a.m. to allow passengers to rest.
  4. Lights and sprinklers
    Lights and sprinklers are necessary safety equipment. It is forbidden to cover, dismantle or in any other way affect these. The sprinklers are sensitive to shocks, if they are triggered it will result in a very expensive work to clean up the cabin.
  5. Smoking
    Any kind of smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas. If you smoke in non-marked areas, including dance floors, you will be fined. If you smoke in your cabin, you will be fined per bed and/or per person in cabin due to restoring the cabins.
  6. Availability of your cabin
    We do our best to ensure your cabin is available for you upon boarding in Stockholm. The cabin remains at your disposal throughout the cruise.
    Cleaning staff will begin cleaning the cabins shortly prior to arrival in Stockholm on the final day of the cruise. Kindly have your bags and belongings packed at this point and be ready to vacate your cabin.
  7. Damages
    All passengers in one cabin share the responsibility for the cabin. If your cabin is damaged, all passengers of that cabin share responsibility and will share the cost for repairs and cleaning.
    Please do not damage any facilities or equipment onboard. Damages in public areas (outside of cabins) will be reported to the police.
  8. Severe cases
    In severe cases of misbehaviour, passengers may be put ashore at the nearest harbour and surrendered to the police. The passenger is responsible for their onward travels from that location.
  9. Food and alcohol
    It is not allowed to bring food items and alcohol onboard. If such items are found during boarding, they will be confiscated.

Finally, we wish you an enjoyable cruise!

Kind regards,
Tallink Silja Line Crew & ESN Sea Battle Organising Committee

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